Q?What does “drop out vacation” mean?

To describe our Oregon vacations, we sometimes describe it as “dropping out”.

The N.W. R. Travel definition of a “drop out vacation” is:

  • to take a break
  • to escape
  • to take a load off
  • to get away
  • to forget your troubles
  • to let go
  • to forget to worry

We want you to fall in love with the Northwest, and return home refreshed and ready to tackle the world.

We live here. We play here. You are invited!


Q?Are all your trips romantic? What if……….

It’s crazy the amount of folks who back away when they hear the word “romance”! Some immediately assume that they are not eligible to buy our packages, or that you have to be in love to book with us.

What the heck?? Northwest Romance Travel is for YOU to fall in LOVE with the NORTHWEST. It’s about a romance– for sure! However, the huggy kissy type of romance is not our business! We want folks to experience this area with someone who is easy to travel with.  It could be your MOM, your best friend from kindergarten, your fishin buddy, you name it.  Once you get here, you’ll get it.


Q?Seems like everything there is geared for nature enthusiasts and rigorous adventure travel. What if I don’t like the outdoors?

Believe it or not, because of the liquid sunshine there are many activities that include a roof and walls.  The Northwest is historic with museums abound! We have culinary delights and awesome wineries and microbrews. The shopping is tax free in Oregon, and our art galleries and photography studios are outstanding.  We have everything here—it’s just more beautiful.

Q?Doesn’t it rain all the time up there?

No. It only rains from October –June. The gentle winter and spring rains are what keep our area beautiful and green all year long.  It hardly ever rains real hard, and we only get thunder and lightning about once a year.  We have what are called “sunbreaks” and during those special times, the sun shines through the raindrops and make outstanding rainbows. Only the tourists carry umbrellas and hooded jackets are the norm for locals.  The summer and fall are glorious, and our temperate climate will find you wearing layers to peel and flip flops with shorts.

Q?Why should I book my trip with Northwest Romance Travel when everything I need is online?

We encourage everyone to research our area to find exactly the adventure you want.  Once you do, let us handle the booking and the details. You’ll  save time and money by buying it all in a package as we have arranged discounts with our vendors. Plus, that is our job and we pride ourselves on the finest attention to the little things.

Q?Will I need a passport? Do they take US Dollars?

No passports required. Yes, we love dollars! Oregon and Washington may seem like a different world, but we are a very affordable destination located at the top left of the United States.